PODR Founded 2007

PoDR - "Path of Divine Restoration"

Health Ministries & Sanctuaries for Humanity

Our Father/Creator Has No Religion - As such we are An Omni-denominational, Spiritual Sanctuary(s) that's mission is Restoring  a balanced and harmonious existence under the Natural Laws of life with the Creator here on Earth, faithfully initiating great cooperative change within local and global initiatives and services. Naturally and Divinely nurturing the Human back into Humanity. 

Nobody can argue things on our precious Earth have gotten out of hand. While focusing on the bigger picture of rebuilding new systems and delivery of higher advanced technologies into the new earthly template, we freely offer the Holistic education and share the practices for Physical and Metaphysical Healing, completely freeing the self from the myriad of the old corrupted programs, scriptures and indoctrinations we have been born into and for the majority of us, exists deeply embedded below our conscious awareness.

We recognise and embrace all spiritual denominations whose work, worship and comprehension is based in honouring the love and eternal perfection of the ONE Sovereign Creator. Inevitably all religions and all of life originate and lead back to ancient Universal - Natural Law of the Creator and representative of insights shown within more correct and less corrupted Spiritual teachings.  Some of the purest, original spiritual teachings before being manipulated and rewritten (some 1500+ years ago to suit the original Holy Roman Church and their agenda) were powerful beyond modern comprehension or belief and threatened the controlling forces of the Emperors of their time! 

The original teachings were not Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Judaism or any Religious denomination as such. The Pure Teachings did not seek to place a middle man/doctrine between ourselves and our Universal Creator/Father, but instead to unite ourselves with the creation and the creator in our greatest divine expression possible while embodied on earth and experience the God consciousness within each and everyone of us for which we carry.

A new point of reference, based factually in full historic transparency and Humanities truth is essential for us to powerfully move forward from here and build the foundations for a Golden Age which has long been prophesied. Not without understanding the Truth of our long troubled, manipulated and enslaved history can we also be brought to reflect upon our divinely Orchestrated  roots and abilities of the Human race. Some things will upset many but the Truth as they say will set us free and most effectively fulfil our desires to be living on divine purpose NOW and allow us to step into and up to the potential for our individual and collective future that CAN be our future reality.

There is no separation in Fathers Divine Creation, Just unlimited opportunities for lessons and experiences that give us all the opportunity to remember and practice these simple insights surrounding the sacred sciences of Unity Consciousness within Fathers Divine Universal Tapestry. It is the Divine right of every adult and child on earth to have health, happiness and prosperity and through our service to our fellow man woman and child,  it is our passion to assist in facilitating Naturally healing environments for exercising our complete Divine Well Being. A deeper remembrance of the Divine Inheritance we are born with. We seek to assist our brothers and sisters to Individually and collectively, recognise, embrace and exercise our true sacred potential, from the cradle to the grave.

Many Religions have talked about sitting and worshipping in the house of God. No man or woman need go past their own mind, body and spirit to tap into the essence of God and to begin the nature of true worship. The only physical Church you'll ever truly need to identify and pay homage to is the one you reside within every minute, everyday of your life. Our Higher Spiritual self, our Physical Self and our Personality are our own personal Divine Trinity. To Unite all three in the divine will of the Holy Spirit being an ultimate exalted experience of man/woman on Earth.

Our body is a true microcosmic reflection of the creators genius we see in the Universe. It can be illuminating and other worldly to sit in quiet from within great buildings of worship or environmental locations that hold great energetic vortices - There are historically limitations and manipulations surrounding this form of divine worship. However, stop for a moment and think - Why do you imagine the Temples of the Skull are named such? Between them resides the divine keys to the true Holy Grail. The purest teachings of our Father, God, Yahweh through such Divine vessels as Zoroaster, Jesus, Emmanuel, Jeshua, Buddha, Shiva, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Confucius, Abraham, Moses among other Divinely enlightened, Christed souls (some who currently walk a new and invigorated path once again on mother earth) embraced and reminded us of our true connection to every other living being and organism within the entire universe.

They Freely taught and shared (with those who are open and ready to receive) the insights and origins of our true Divine multidimensional selves. While there are stories of those they healed on their travels, they also teach us the nature of our own innate ability to do the very same.  The LIGHT of Information, knowledge, learning and open hearted essence of LOVE which is the fabric of the co-creation of Life and literally the Substrate of the Aether and the Universe. Let us exist in this realm of conscious co-creation, on Divine Purpose. ALL purpose is Divine. Let our Purpose be in the highest honor of the Creator.

The Trees, plants, animals, stars, planets, cosmos and the billions of Galaxies that weave us into this divinely orchestrated heartbeat of the Universe, honour every unique personal self as a unique energetic thumbprint of existence within this massive interwoven playground of life. Something we all once knew, and most must relearn. THE pulse which governs the very being of our existence is but ONE energetic and brilliantly radiating source.

There is no separation in Gods symphony, only the various sections of the master conductors orchestration that come together in perfect unison and divine timing. The same is true for every cell in our being, and the truth of this lay within the very DNA of our own existence. To respectfully honour the gifts we are given, it is our sole/soul personal responsibility as expressions of our Creator to seek and remember the truths of the natural gifts of Wellness and Healing naturally bestowed within the Blueprint of each of us. The truths to be found can set us free from any enslavement of our Body, Mind and Spirit and will lead us back toward our own Path of Divine Restoration.

WARNING: You May very Likely, Have to Work for it...!

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